Together With You, I learn so many things..

You here doesnt mean someone only but i means my friends, many people i meet in this life. They teach me many things about life. They are my brothers, my sisters, my mothers and my fathers of life.

First i meet you in senior high school, i begun watch the other side of life…

organization, and dynamics of life, not only go to school, not only get the best mark..   

then i enter the college, Gadjah Mada University…

i meet so many people with their different character..

with my friends in Guyub 04, i learn about art of socialize..  

with my friends of LPKTA i learn about hummanity and kind of family relationship  

then i join the young engineer forum, that i learn in about profesionalism and firmness

i become more strong with my own principle although i am living together with people with pluralism  

and now, i’m in some place that also very interesting with people there…

they make me learn about being myself..

to be confident with my own priciple and make me brave to take my dream 

Thanks God, you make me with them, kind people in my life…



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